iPhone 3G SMS Text Not Working

After 7-hours of hard work (standing in-line and being back at my pad from Apple Store Emeryville), the SMS Texting feature on my iPhone 3G doesn’t seem to work. At first, I thought it was an iPhone 3G issue.

Since opening the box, and activating ate with Genius Hugh’s help, it hasn’t been shutdown at all. So I tried re-powering it thinking that it might solve the issue and have SMS updated and turned on. That didn’t work.

The next step I then took was to call 611 and filtered on to iPhone support. After about 30-minutes of hold time I was finally able to get through and talk to a tech. Seconds later, I was told that it possibly is on AT&T’s side and was transferred to the AT&T After-hours Support Line 866-801-3600

Please wait…

That’s the first thing that I got from an automated answering machine Op (as if I haven’t waited enough). Anyways, the tech support person was able to review it and it seems that the SMS plan activation never made it, even though it says I have/am on for the 1500 monthly plan.

That did it regardless. So, I hope this helps out people who happen to be in the same boat.