24 Hour Fitness Membership Special

With all the great food we’re all about to grub on this holiday season it doesn’t hurt to burn some calories at the same time. 24 Hour Fitness is running their 3-yr prepaid special (then a very low 1-yr. renewal thereafter). I currently am on a friends-and-family one for $19/month which totals up to about $228/year All-Sport. Their special usually runs with the following details:

  • http://www.24hourfitness.com/
  • $599.87 amt. due today for 36 months, (12 paid & 24 bonus).
  • Then $49.00 for the 1st renewal year (after your 3rd year).
  • This plan is for access to all Sport, Active and FitLite clubs. Pre-paid dues mean no monthly membership payments. There are other plans available as well.
  • Offer lasts till 12/24/07.

So in 4 years, if I were in this plan, I would’ve saved ~$263. That could’ve gone to better things like Coldstone and/or The Cheesecake Factory… I mean a new pair of Asics Kayanos and Marathon fees…

Anyways, good luck with it and let me know if this is of good help to you in some way or form.

Happy Holidays!