Caught Taking Off My Pants?

Today started off weird. I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus to go to the City, when I suddenly hear a loud voice coming from behind me:


I was caught off guard as I suddenly turned towards the source. With a quick glance, I suddenly saw this old man in front of his house (which is next to the bus stop). I quickly gave a look around if it was me he was talking to. I also think I did a quick Taxi monologue (“You talkin’ to me…?”).

I then responded in a dumbfounded manner:

“Excuse me?” He replies with the same question. “Good morning. I’m waiting for the bus…(?)”

While saying that, I was taking a look below me. “I have my pants on for sure,” I said to myself. Then, the following ensued:

  • old man: “Waiting for the bus…? I just saw you taking your pants off.”
  • me: “What??? No, just waiting for my bus haha” *crackin’ up inside*
  • old man: “Well… I thought I saw you taking off your pants.”
  • me: “Haha… It’s too early in the week for that” *smiling to lighten things up*
  • old man: “Too early in the week? Not for my week(!)”

I think he was still somewhat pissed off. I didn’t really pay attention as I was still crackin’ up inside, and not trying to show it.

Meanwhile, after catching the bus, I took a moment to reminisce. Before he came out gun-slinging out of his house, I remember putting my keys in my backpack. Now, there was a faux rock thing that covers those power/cable/phone outlets on the pavement. I know that I have put my backpack down in front of me, on top of that faux rock. I… just happen to be facing his house while doing it. That, and he probably heard me zip-up my backpack haha.

The thing that bother me is, he probably was observing me the whole time even before I zipped up my bag. Damn, what a crazy morning and a crazy dude.

From my mind to yours, when waiting for a bus: make sure to look out for crazy home bodies; be understanding if they all of sudden prowl at you for no reason at all; and be ready for a great laugh—though it seems very weird HA!