Month: May 2007

  • Need of a Realign

    I just got home from @media-SF (Day 1)… all I can say is that I need to realign. I think it’s been almost 2 years since touching this site’s structure. H4X I tell you, H4X! Anyways, all the presentations are quite interesting; especially the Internationalization panel by Richard Ishida. That guy owns linguistics! That’s Richard…

  • Cisco’s John Chambers – “Simple, Open Architecture, and Safe”

    At the Interop conference in Las Vegas, Cisco CEO John Chambers talks about the need for businesses to increase productivity by implementing Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, mashups, and virtual conferencing. He also explains how Cisco used Web 2.0 principles in its $7 billion acquisition of Scientific Atlanta. Note: From a post.

  • In Business

    Sweetness! My first official, (personal) business cards. The ones that weren’t actually printed via Vista Print =) Thanks to Eric of for helping me get them here quick. I just put the order on Thursday, May 17—and they arrived today… only 5 days! Fast indeed. Turned out pretty well for not having any proofing.…

  • That’s Not Right at All

    [youtube]ceNf-11-ddI[/youtube] I think I showed this to 15+ w/in 5 minutes. A couple of things we can learn from here: Keep an eye on your kids in the Circle and YouTube is so damn viral.

  • So What’s New In May?

    Hey, hey, hey. May 1st has come and gone and those who have promised themselves to Reboot were either successful, or behind. One of the sites I’m curiously awaiting to check out is Bryan Veloso’s new rendition of AvalonStar.