My Findings on coComment and Movable Type 3.2 Integration


After 12-hours or so of usage and debugging my MT templates to properly integrate with coComment, I finally got somewhere to say the least. If you need to catchup to what this is all about, you may read my previous article on what coComment can do.

Anyways, I finally got around fixing my Individual Entry Archive template. I did the following:

  • I formatted the TITLE-tag as stated in coComment’s Support section,
  • fixed my old MT2.661 JS comment-related code to use the mt-site.js provided on MT3.2,
  • and edited my CSS to reflect the change I have done with respect to the mt-site.js

Thing is, now I’ll have to fix the cookie part. It should be simple. I think I just need to change the comment form’s variable to match that of mt-site.js. Then, match those changes in my CSS.

One other issue I found through this little experiment was that coComment looks for the default markup in terms of the submit button. That is,

So keep that in mind for those of you who just cut-and-pasted your MT2.661 code during your upgrade to MT3.2. It’s just too bad that we can’t use our custom image-buttons. So @Steph, if you are reading, could you please address this as well with the team =)

Also, placement of the coComment JS code in the header is tricky and strict. I was trying to figure out why the heck it wasn’t working when I went on to try JS placement. I ended with the following:

Last but not least, how do we tag keywords with multiple words? I tried separating with commas, using double-quotes and plus-sign but to no avail. If you know, let me know. Help me, help you.

Other than that, coComment’s current version is rock solid of a tool for bloggers. Enjoy!