Logo A La 2.0

LOGO2.0_2 by Stabilo Boss.

Talk about dedication from Ludwig Gatzke, a collection of “Web 2.0” startups/companies. It’s just amazing to see how a couple of companies made it through the dot-com bubble burst.

Meanwhile, while sifting through the vibrant collection, I was ported over to PXN8.

PXN8 is an online image editor with a user interface developed with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) which are available by default on all modern web browsers.

I tried it out a bit, seems like cool web-based editing software. It can be bought for a one-time fee of $795. ((After revisiting this post after a couple of years, I’m not sure if this is free or not now; or if its really $795.)) This might be useful to those just needing something right-away and not wanting to put the man-hours into it. Because at the end, it’ll probably cost either the same or even more if you would’ve just bought it.

Anyways, check it out. It’s made by an Ireland-based company called Sxoop. Some function to note would be their “fun effects” which include: Lomo, Filter, Round, Interlace, Blur and Snow.