January Has Come and Gone

Here Ye! Here Ye! by stechico.

Wow! That was one fast month. The day seems to be getting shorter and shorter, and the weather changes more frequently than ever (at least in SF).

Since the start of the year, I created a new project for myself just to use my new toys more and get more experience as well with photography. It’s pretty much a-photo-a-day. It’s hard to pick one photo that describes and sums up my day as I tend to take a bunch. But what can I tell you, so far so good. You may take a look at the Flickr set over here.

Amongst other things in the world of muah, I’ve been active as ever doing beta-testing for different Web 2.0 companies. It’s fun seeing and experience people’s accomplishments and creativity. Not to mention, it gives you ideas when the bulb is dim.

Besides the wait for my Yahoo! Mail Beta invite (still), I just signed up for a beta-test with OmniDrive. Hopefully, I can grab one and see what the fuss is all about. Techcrunch‘s Michael Arrington seems to like it versus other companies currently in the online storage market.

Meanwhile, boarding season is fun so far. I went up with a couple of friends to North Tahoe for MLK Holiday Weekend. I can’t wait to go up again. Hopefully, some time soon but most likely for Biggy‘s BDay first weekend of March around the South Tahoe area.

Anyways, three big trips for me this year: Hawaii, Japan and P.I. Other than the major saving-up for cash, I also need to save PTO days from MA. Going to go to Hawaii for Farida & Brad’s wedding on the first weekend of August. I think it’s in the north-west part of the Big Island. Should be good times as the old roomies from 916 are coming. That’ll be cool too as I have never been to the Big Island but have been to Oahu back in the early 90’s with my family.

Then, during the first week of November, Japan with some UCI buds. Belle seems to be the ring-leader of this trip. It’s just hard to get everyone on board this one as it is likely to span 10 days (a day or two more for relaxation after we get back from the flight). Hope it goes through, and we get a good group size to go. I can’t wait to take photos over there.

Last but not least, ever since my bro and I got here in 88-89, we haven’t spent Christmas nor New Year’s in the P.I. So, my grandma blurted out the idea that we should all go for the Holidays this year. What can I say, it’s all gravy with my grandma’s idea. Damn, that should be fun.

From my mind to yours, if you are ever in a rutt… turn to your friends for some good times!

After writing this, I got an email from Yahoo! Mail Beta regarding my invite. Finally! This thing is clean. I hope to see more new functionality. Dopeness.