Services Like FeedXS to Reinvent Blogging?


Other than it’s bold ORANGE color, FeedXS launched yesterday. A Netherland-based company,

FeedXS gives everyone in the world and every business its own personal feed. By creating a feed, everyone who subscribes to your feed, will always be on top of your latest news.

It’s totally FREE!

Meanwhile, while this looks like a promising web application, I wonder how it will effect the Blogosphere. By reading the Personal Feeds tour section, I understand that you pretty much just add entries and publish them to your feed. Somewhat like the workflow on (or any blogging tool) but instead of publishing your latest entry on a webpage, it updates/appends your latest entry to the feed.

Will we see a decrease in blog-site creation in the future because of services like FeedXS? People are always wanting to take the easy route. I see this as one of those things. But, bloggers are a different class of their own. They seem to want everything they create and write under their complete control; for me at least. Also, what would happen to those bloggers who get some cheese by writing great content (i.e. Om Malik, Andy Budd and Michael Arrington to name the least)?

Interaction. What willl happen to the communication that blogs thrive on between the author and his/her readers? I guess this is a drawback. Instead of just posting a comment on the entry page of the post, one will have to click on the entry’s archive page URL; that’s even if the author has a site. I guess I just see this product as a one-way service. Even though it’ll be easy for everyone to publish an RSS feed, it does not provide the readers a way to give a way to send feedback or thoughts back to the author. Or does it?