Try Ruby!

No, not the stone. I’m refer­ring to the pro­gram­ming lan­guage.

Ruby is the inter­pret­ed script­ing lan­guage for quick and easy object-ori­ent­ed pro­gram­ming. It has many fea­tures to process text files and to do sys­tem man­age­ment tasks (as in Perl). It is sim­ple, straight-for­ward, exten­si­ble, and portable.

Any­ways, here’s a nice inter­ac­tive demo on what Ruby can do. Good job whytheluck­ys­tiff on this project. Very enter­taint­ing. I’m sure this will open some eyes and get some peo­ple to learn more about it.

Note: For those non-tech­ni­cal peo­ple, don’t be scared to try the demo. It’s clear enough to fol­low. Just read the tips below the com­mand-prompt area and you should be good to go.

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