Info Makes the Web Go Round and Round, Google Analytics

Google Analytics

With the recent announcement of Google’s rebranded Urchin, Google Analytics is FREE for people to use and improve their website’s traffic and selling point. The only limitation to this would be for the particular site to have less than 5 million page views per month. Unless your site pumps iron like the people over at the GYM, you should be OK with this. If this is not the case for your site’s traffic but are an AdWords user, you’re in there like swimwear.

I haven’t taken a closer look at this yet as Google seems to be upgrading the old accounts from Urchin to their new system. However, I did manage to sneak a peek on one of the account information pages. It seems that you can have more than one website per account. That would probably be why-should-I-use-this reason #2.

With Adaptive Path‘s Measure Map and Inman‘s Mint, I wonder how gAnalytics* would do with the blogosphere citizens. It’ll be very interesting to get some type of comparison between those three apps above in terms of everyday needs, functionality and usability. Maybe its time for me to upgrade from PHPee‘s Power Phlogger to one of these. I’d probably try out gAnalytics since its FREE and open to the public versus Measure Map which is still in beta and invite-only mode… hope to get my invite soon =)

Note: Amit Agarwal wrote an informative article of gAnalytics* which lists 10 interesting things about it.

*gAnalytics—I thought I’d try slanging. Besides, it follows gMail. That and OM did it to GYM. HA!