Free Directory Assistance Charges

1–800-FREE-411 pro­vides a great ser­vice that elim­i­nates those nasty $1‑plus charges when con­nect­ing to the business(es) you call about. Hows this pos­si­ble? Before you get the phone num­ber, you get an ad with spe­cial offers from oth­er local, top-rat­ed busi­ness­es. Its then up to you to bite at the offer, or pro­ceed to get the phone num­ber.

Any­ways, FREE is always good. Its just a mat­ter of hav­ing the time to wait for that FREE assis­tance, or not. A sim­ple way to fig­ure out if this is for you (or not) is by sim­ply ask­ing your­self: “Do I like those pre-movie adver­tise­ments?”

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