S.H.I.T. at SoCal

“So Happy Its Thursday” at SoCal! Just got home and ate some home-cooked meal from my grandma. Camaron rebusado and some Nilagang Baboy. That’s “yummy” in english.

Its been a while since I had some of her cooking. Last time the Golden Girls went up, they only brought pastries. Anyways, LA is gonna have some nice weather this weekend. We are going to get some high 70s, and low 60s at night. Should be nice.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna chill a bit before I roll on to bed. Probably watch either Fever Pitch and/or Hustle & Flow. Tomorrow, I plan on swinging by Westwood to get some lunch with Jevon and Jovan. At night, probably go down towards the Long Beach area to take my cousin out to dinner as she is visiting here from the PI through her contract-work as an Software Analyst (I think).

Oh man, should be good times on a TGIF. As for Saturday, no plans yet. I guess we might just end up rolling to Zanzibar at Santa Monica at night. Maybe catch a flick with some buds in the daytime. For Sunday, maybe roll on to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles but we’ll see what everyones doing.

Anyways, have a great Friday and smile… ’cause the weekend is here!