Tag: birthdays

  • Happy Birthday Cat!

    Faces – Tenzan Onsen Cat, originally uploaded by stechico.

  • Yay Self?!

    Twenty-four Cheers, originally uploaded by stechico. Why is it called “Dirty 30s”? Anyone? Anyone? … Bueller? Anyways, here’s what else happened today (September 17) in the history books. PS. Here’s my wishlist for those who are feeling generous =)

  • Happy Birthday Timi!

    Timi & Stitch, originally uploaded by stechico. PS. She does custom knits ranging from beanies to scarves. Click here to visit her Etsy store, aknitimi. PPS. Her store’s slogan “knitted goodies for the tragically hip”… =) awesome copy.

  • Happy Birthday Jevon!

    And his Dad didn’t even have to call me this time. “Good job Big Bro“—I can already hear it coming from his mouth =)

  • Happy Birthday Bigs!

    TGIF and good times at Otis =)