Movable Type 3.2 Free from Beta

OK. So this might sound somewhat geeky but oh-damn-well… this involves technology—a part of me. Anyways, Six Apart’s Jay Allen announced last night that Movable Type 3.2 will be released on 8/25/05 in the AM. That was cool.

I mean, for those of you that have been following our blogs (Kelly, Juan, Ryan and I), you may notice the “Powered by Movable Type…” text-link somewhere. I have been using their great software since 2002. After all these years, through all the hacking and customization, if I have to do it over again and pick a blogging software… it still would have to be Movable Type.

Yah, it might sound bias (I know) but MT has proven itself (IMHO) after numerous versions that it adapts to new and un-forecastable changes in the Blogosphere, and most importantly on the WWW. “What changes?” You might say. Well, first of all, I have to give credit to Blogger for making me curious enough to start and express my thoughts on mostly about anything, as I was “bored as hell” one day during a programming class back in UCI. I remember back in the days that I wanted to do more stuff with my first-ever blogsite. I felt constricted to what I was offered, and just need a new solution.

So after Yahoo!-ing (no Google yet in my vocab) and conferring with various people on what stand-alone blogging software, a couple of names came about. I remember James using b2, so that made it on top of my list along with other ones from But alas, after a lot of thinking, testing and researching community forums of the respective blogware… I found Movable Type’s to be the most active, innovative and solution-driven group of invidividuals. This was the deciding factor in making my leap-of-faith to switch from Blogger to a stand-alone blogware—thank god I made a good choice.

Meanwhile, I can tell you a lot more of my history with MT and how it affected and helped my career in Technology but that can go on forever. I’ve seen it evolve from a strict blogware, to a CMS, to a publishing-platform, …to who-knos-what with this new release. It has:

  • helped me share my day with friends and family (vice-versa),
  • keep my design-skills stay creative,
  • pushed me to increase my knowledge of new web-technologies (i.e. XHTML, CSS, etc.)
  • and… type faster, to say the least =)

So whats in it for you, I don’t know. Its really an open-ended question that has no right or wrong answers. But I do know this, it proves that it is a “small world.” And every nano-second, new ideas are being thought of to get people to interact with each other more. After all, we’re only six degrees apart.

PS. Thanks to 6A-fam and MT-dev community for their great hardwork in producing another product (that I feel) will have an immense effect on the internet and how people interact with each other.

PPS. Thanks to 6A-fam for providing us who beta-tested 3.2 with this badge haha =)

I beta tested Movable Type 3.2