Here’s My Business Card

Business cards, they’re like your toes—you feel good you have them but you don’t really use them; at least for me and a few others. I got my first official business cards a week or so ago. I say that because they are, for reals. Even though I’ve been working for years for different, great companies—they’re genuinely my first. Anyways, my first expression was: “HOLD UP! Is this a joke?!?!” I guess when you got IT… you got IT haha j/p.

Days later, the two boxes of a thousand just sat there with no life or a single peep. Yah, I did hand out a couple to some friends but that’s it. But hey, having ’em is a blessing.

What I mean is that you can pretty much use em like McGuyver can use a Coke can as a bong. You can use a business card for the following (besides for business-use):

  • writing directions when you need to go somewhere*
  • writing down numbers*
  • as a bookmark
  • to pick up pennies (as a lever)
  • to win meals from a restaurant, or a prize from a store
  • to start a fire or a BBQ
  • to remind yourself that you have a job

As you notice, the first two with the asterisks* pretty much applies to business cards that are blank on the other side; or those that you can write clearly on the backside. Meanwhile, while having business cards are cool it teaches yet a lesson or a moral that we keep hearing about:

… its the small things in life that makes it all worth it

… or was it, its the thought that counts and the small things aint shit? TANGENT. Back on point, its the small things like these that makes us feel deserving (as well as thankful) to realize that we are lucky. I mean that in a more global way. For instance, if you are reading this—you are lucky.

Why? you may ask. Well, you’re lucky that you have access to the internet; you are lucky that you can read; you are lucky that you have time to do so; etc. Anyways, its turning into one of those “I can see clearly now” writings (which I didn’t intend to write in the first place). I really was just writing because I read that jovanhorne got some. Oh well, my mind has been going off lately. A good thing though (sometimes), makes me conceive ideas and design new creative works both for work and my own.

From my mind to yours, get your OWN BUSINESS CARDS FOR FREE! Here’s a preview of mine…

PS. I’ll try to write normally now in terms of “proper writing syntax.” I’ve been writing like I’m chatting; that is, all smallcaps and stuff. But yah, I’ll do my best… it’ll start with this entry. You know why, cause YOU (YOU) are special… YOU! (thats for joemama)