some people…

some people just dont give a f0k, and speak out before thinking a little bit. i know that not a lot of people use the shoutbox on this site, so you know…if people do, cool. but man, when you see a shout that comes from someone you just haven’t met or a first-time visitor to the site, that just gave the following…

“raaaach: you did not just bite off images from for most of your banner images? feel sorry for you man”

…it just makes you think about those quick-to-judge/criticize types. they ASS-U-ME so much that you just think WTF … and say at them “Hi. Hows your day? You good? Okay… smile a bit.” But to whomever it was (he/she), please dont ASS-U-ME. it just makes asses of both of us—not good.

so “raaach”, next time you post something that you “think” is wrong, please ask the source.

daaamn, i just hope not all people that go through my friends’ sites are like this. i just hope that it was something they ate that morning, or just that day of the month, …something. or can it be FIDM? i heard the place can make people go quacky in the head, makes ’em be uber-art afficionado/virtuoso or other words that ends w/ an “o” … (visited 3/15/05, 2/23/05, 2/09/05, 1/21/05 and 12/02/04) … through cici’s blog

so yah, just have to send something … and post a new entry since its been awhile. to bad it had to be this. nothin’ personal… i just “feel sorry for you” too.

update: permalink to cici’s blog entry about this—keepin’ it real?! … skinning people’s backs …damn. i can hear the song “i need a gangsta bitch” playing in the background while ready her blog lol