well, just found out that i’ll be needing to add another company/employer to my resume soon. my last day with TPL/Penthouse/and all that good stuff (aka. the dream job haha) would be tomorrow. didn’t come as a big surprise since our (virtual) CTO told us that it was coming a few months back due to financial stizuff.

i’m just happy i got the experience that i need and got to work w/ a bunch of great professionals—as well as positive peeps. all in all, i can take a longer vacation in the PI woohoo. that, update my portfolio, and finally get back to training… sweet deal. anyways, if you guys got any leads on a position (not sexual of course) let me know.

well—it looks like we’ll be partying tomorrow haha. bar 330?. not too many drinks though, i gotta get up early in the morning.