Shortage of Thoughts

some­times peo­ple just get damn too busy in life that they for­get the small things… in life. such things can be fore­seen as unnec­es­sary to even think about. and what the hell am i talk­ing about, i dont know. i’m tak­ing some strong pills right now for my bron­chi­tis. a lit­tle bit of codeine does the job at night when i want to go to sleep… so yah, you can imag­ine me sleep­ing like a log and knock­ing out at night.

*hour pause: i got dis­tract­ed* …see what i mean

any­ways, i was talk­ing to cice­ly about her shindig this com­ing week­end. damn, that must be some good food—can’t wait, it bet­ter be some fat­fish or else. mean­while, in tv land, there has been quite a few good shows on late­ly. the last favorite of mine was “the joe schmo show” by spike-tv. that show was hillar­i­ous man. mat­t’s face just cracks up the homies in the pad. we still can’t believe him gag­ging when lick­ing that chick cov­ered w/ chocolate—lucky bas­tard. i got­ta give him some props though, he’s a nice guy with a good heart. but yah, that show was real­ly well planned.

anoth­er show, well new­er, that i am start­ing to like is “aver­age joe” on mon­day nights at nbc. she’s hot and she’s nice. it just cracks me up when they final­ly put a twist­ed plot on real­i­ty tv shows on the main­stream net­works. but yes, try to catch the show next mon­day. it might be on at 9pm or 10pm.

as you can tell that i’ve been get­ting my tv dosage late­ly, …i pret­ty much earned it after long hours of hard work. i’ve been pick­ing up dif­fer­ent new tech­nol­o­gy while at work. the lat­est is adobe after effects. ever since hen­do showed me some of his class­mates work on it—i’ve been amazed on the pos­si­bil­i­ties of its use. it is def­i­nite­ly worth pick­ing up and learn­ing for every­day graph­ic design work.

mean­while, the last chap­ter of the matrix final­ly came out. i heard that its been get­ting bad reviews lately—but like i told peo­ple a cou­ple of blogs in the past… that i look at it as one whole story/saga. i’ll pro­l­ly go see that lat­er this week. i was going to go watch it last night but jevon was “too tired”. “too tired”… he says. can’t blame him i guess… that air­port-after­noon-traf­fic is a bitch to be in.

speak­ing of traf­fic, its been get­ting to me late­ly. i’ve been notic­ing that peo­ple are get­ting more stu­pid as the sun sets ear­li­er, and it gets dark­er ear­li­er. my 20–30 minute after­noon com­mute now takes an hour—damn peo­ple need to dri­ve a lit­tle more on the offen­sive when they dri­ve at night… they freak­ing slow the whole free­way down way too much.

bah, i guess i’ma lit­tle cranky cause of this damn sep­tra ds antibi­otics. on the brighter side, its work­ing won­ders against this bron­chi­tis (which i think i have).

from my mind to yours, ski daz­zle is com­ing! time to get a new hel­met!

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