Shortage of Thoughts

sometimes people just get damn too busy in life that they forget the small things… in life. such things can be foreseen as unnecessary to even think about. and what the hell am i talking about, i dont know. i’m taking some strong pills right now for my bronchitis. a little bit of codeine does the job at night when i want to go to sleep… so yah, you can imagine me sleeping like a log and knocking out at night.

*hour pause: i got distracted* …see what i mean

anyways, i was talking to cicely about her shindig this coming weekend. damn, that must be some good food—can’t wait, it better be some fatfish or else. meanwhile, in tv land, there has been quite a few good shows on lately. the last favorite of mine was “the joe schmo show” by spike-tv. that show was hillarious man. matt’s face just cracks up the homies in the pad. we still can’t believe him gagging when licking that chick covered w/ chocolate—lucky bastard. i gotta give him some props though, he’s a nice guy with a good heart. but yah, that show was really well planned.

another show, well newer, that i am starting to like is “average joe” on monday nights at nbc. she’s hot and she’s nice. it just cracks me up when they finally put a twisted plot on reality tv shows on the mainstream networks. but yes, try to catch the show next monday. it might be on at 9pm or 10pm.

as you can tell that i’ve been getting my tv dosage lately, …i pretty much earned it after long hours of hard work. i’ve been picking up different new technology while at work. the latest is adobe after effects. ever since hendo showed me some of his classmates work on it—i’ve been amazed on the possibilities of its use. it is definitely worth picking up and learning for everyday graphic design work.

meanwhile, the last chapter of the matrix finally came out. i heard that its been getting bad reviews lately—but like i told people a couple of blogs in the past… that i look at it as one whole story/saga. i’ll prolly go see that later this week. i was going to go watch it last night but jevon was “too tired”. “too tired”… he says. can’t blame him i guess… that airport-afternoon-traffic is a bitch to be in.

speaking of traffic, its been getting to me lately. i’ve been noticing that people are getting more stupid as the sun sets earlier, and it gets darker earlier. my 20-30 minute afternoon commute now takes an hour—damn people need to drive a little more on the offensive when they drive at night… they freaking slow the whole freeway down way too much.

bah, i guess i’ma little cranky cause of this damn septra ds antibiotics. on the brighter side, its working wonders against this bronchitis (which i think i have).

from my mind to yours, ski dazzle is coming! time to get a new helmet!