yuck… *sniffles*

ack… i feeeeeeeeeeel siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick… i don’t know when/where i got it, but it might be a couple of things: not sleeping enough this past week; stressing about getting a job; fatigue from yesterday’s blueballs softball picnic/get-together; etc. but oh well, it’s a good excuse for me to stay in bed all day.

anyways, i’ve been getting into doing a lot of projects lately; but learning a lot at the same time. if you really want to learn about creativity, or need ideas, a good place to go is deviantart.com. my current favorite indy art from there is vegaOne’s “My Personal Propaganda”. it just goes along with my current views about this current crisis everyone is connected to. i don’t support the war, but i do support our troops and the innocent lives whose future lies in the crossfire.