my weekend

it’s always good going home-home to LA. i always look forward to seeing family, an especially eating my grandma’s cooking mmm mmm good! but sometimes preparing to go home-home is an adventure itself. you think that for a weekend trip you could just pack light and go for an thirty minute drive… but no, you think of stuff that you need to do when you get back from your weekend trip, like the laundry that needs to be done; the wash that your car totally needs (because it’s been almost two months since you last washed—which was during the ONE-SIDED superbowl); the bills you have to get in order so you can balance your account; and the projects that you are volunteering on to help people out. geez, so much stuff to prepare for…but you snap back to the reality of HOME-COOKED MEALS.

that’s the key—FOOD…FREE FOOD to be exact. you don’t have to worry about making the dish. all you have to do is put your laundry in the washer; go chill by the tv (flip through the WAR channels—either that, or go watch some TFC…because you don’t have regular cable at home…it’s either local tv or TFC); change to your pajamas; and kick back till the food is done. ahhh the life at home-home.

you might ask why i refer to it as “home-home”, if you haven’t had the opportunity to go to uci and experience/be involve in different organizations in campus for four years (or so)…i (and some) call it this to not confuse it with our second family. to name a few (for myself) in no particular order: kaba, pcn, puso, the cross, sigep, 916, myfamily, etc.

anyways, so i planned out what i needed to get done before my trip to LA. listing most of the stuff above, i prolly did one of those =) …i managed to get the laundry done. i thought to myself, since i’ve been doing a lousy job ironing my long-sleeve shirts, and not getting it to the so-fresh-and-clean look (as they were once on the racks at the stores)… i should just bring it home and ask my aunt to show me how to do it.

the trip took prolly 45 minutes, for some reason. i guess it was the fact i was day-dreaming about stuff in my life i wish i have, and didn’t have. some of the things i wished for (at the moment in this particular place in my life):

  • money
  • a million dollars
  • a girlfriend

…and some of the things i wished i didn’t have:

  • credit cards
  • school loans

now let me break-it down for ya… i wish i had money to pay for the balance i owe on all of my credit cards—yup, that’s plural…i lost count of how many plastics i have due to freaking the free bags/shirts/etc. you get when you sign up for one haha. don’t you just wished that fight club was real; and the building knocked down was one of your credit card companies? (sarcastically speaking of course, if this is being read by the govt.)

i wish i had “a million dollars” (even for a day) so i can call myself a “millionaire”. if i did, i would also take that million, put it in a bag, invite my friends over, and pass it around in a circle for as long as we can…so that by the end of the day (and we had to give it back to the bank or someone) we can all call ourselves “millionaires.” this would probably be my civil duty for the year. it’ll make us feel like…hmmm, let’s see, whose a good example… oh yah, like mc hammer. we’d be like, “can’t touch this”; then after the day is over…like normal joe’s =).

i wish i had a girlfriend. someone who can ride w/ me, and share my aspirations in life, as well as my philosophy and sarcasm. but come to think of it, trying to get a girlfriend is being financially indentured. what i mean is, i like to pay for everything when i’m with someone. i just want them to relax and enjoy. i guess i can say that i’ma old fashioned, kind of guy—i think that my grandpa and grandma’s stories of them courting has embedded itself in my personality, and the way i act. overall, having a relationship is a tough choice which involves a lot of responsibility, time, and commitment. but hey, you never know, love is weird. it just doesn’t show knocking on your door, and saying, “i’m the one for you.” i think that it’s one of life’s mysteries that we just have to find out, through good and bad times.

…but enough of this dear abby crap, and on with the rest of the explanation of my list above. even though i wished i didn’t have credit cards and school loans, i can’t say i regret having them; because that would be plain hypocrisy. if i didn’t have the credit cards, i would have been able to pay for dues (for clubs and sigep), tux rentals (for formals), down payments (for my cars), and another great example—tony’s bachelor night!!! HAHA THE SUPERBOWL?! if i didn’t have school loans, i wouldn’t be in in uci. i wouldn’t have been able to meet the people i call today good friends, mentors, and brothers. i wouldn’t have been able to express myself as i am now without thinking about what not to say. i wouldn’t have been able to start this site…because if i haven’t gone to uci, i wouldn’t have met my roomies who i lived with at 916 veneto…were has been started from; and from which it grew to expand to my extended family of friends.

meanwhile, i had intended to write about my weekend, but surprise… it went on a different tangent. the tangent, i hope, was insightful to what i’m thinking and feeling at the moment. the only thing i wish i didn’t have totally, was the bug bite i got from this monster. the f0ker was small…and VERY terrible. i was watching tv on a futton, when all of a sudden…CRUUUNCH—i straight got up like all the nba all-star game fans who witnessed jordan’s last fade-away shot to get the lead against the west (only to be overshadowed by a stupid mistake from jermaine o’neil…watabiotch!). if you know the name of that bug, let me know… i swear, i was trippin’ of that small bastard… i thought it was a black widow (since i saw a couple in our backyard).

the little-mean-bastard that bit me on hard-to-reach area on my back—that bastard?!

but anyways, my weekend was good. it was great seeing family and relatives again—since i haven’t been home-home for the past five to six weeks or so. i wished i could have gone to lil’s bday outing at sharks club. i heard it was bitchin’ from ai’s blog entry about it. good times though, good times.

from my mind to yours, “5447 what’s my number? what is my number now…?”