remember when movie tickets were cheap?

i just noticed that my friends and i have gone to at least one movie per week. the funny thing is… we used to freakin’ lash out on the movie ticket price. i guess it’s dif­fer­ent when you have an actual job. it’s not that you have the money to afford it, but its more of an escape—a vaca­tion from a mun­dane life. (you like that?!?! “mun­dane” … SAT baby yayer.)

as i was say­ing, i guess every­body, or any­body, work­ing knows that once and awhile they would just like to not think about work. they want to dive into a place, a life, dif­fer­ent from their own. they want to expe­ri­ence what it is like to go through a burn­ing build­ing and save some peo­ple; go “boom-boom with the bride’s maid”; etc etc etc… that is where the movies come to play.

it pro­vides us this escape, where we can actu­ally laugh, cry, and feel like the last action hero. any­ways, enough of my intro para­graphs… this is begin­ning to sound like a book report or some­thing. bottom-line, the past movies i’ve seen were great: charlie’s angels 2, amer­i­can wed­ding, bad boys 2, and swat.

in other news today, a busy week again. lots of projects to be done soon. i’m doing some work for the first time since i started last month. it’s all good i guess, i learn new things while in the process. this is what i like about the job, i actu­ally learn stuff from other peo­ple. it just increases my expe­ri­ence as a graphic artist/web designer, and a com­puter engineer—even though my job descrip­tion describes it. in the end, i’m hav­ing fun and get­ting paid; good times.

so what else is up in the world? …well tony just left this past mon­day back to the PI. how­ever, mar­ley and julie are still at their home in irvine…enjoying the com­pany of the grand­par­ents. also, hendo had finally had the free time to kick it w/ the homies this past week­end. that foo has been MIA for the past 3 months… oh wait, …for­ever actu­ally. that’s cool though, he’s busy doing his thang up in cal arts pasadena. he’s actu­ally get­ting bet­ter (than before); bet­ter to the point that he can actu­ally be a world-reknown designer—bank yo!

well, it’s a sat­ur­day after­noon and hot-like-a-mutha. back to doing projects and get­ting some extra flow of mula hope­fully. take care y’alls, there’s another bug going around.

from my mind to yours, woooooooosaaaaaah …

What is… The Matrix?

wak­ing up damn early with noth­ing to do but design and do some lay­outs for the ecom­merce site—my brain had a men­tal block. i guess i need food or some­thing, that—and jump start my brain. so what did i decide to do, well this.

the matrix reloaded

you might say to your­self, “the matrix is a nerd movie”… but alas, i think you are half right. it has been one of the most talked about movies of our gen­er­a­tion. it deals with soci­ety and the human psy­che. if you’ve seen the first one, then good for you. if you saw the sec­ond one lately, the bet­ter. how­ever, the ques­tion now isn’t “what is the matrix?”… it’s “what is real?”

NOTE: if you haven’t seen the matrix reloaded yet, and don’t want me to spoil it for you, then skip this entry…

okay…bbl, hans got an extra ticket to go to E3… time to see them game-models haha… i’ll con­tinue this entry when i get back…peace.

…6 hours, and 3 days later ^^

well, e3 was okay i guess… i still like the year when rex and i went for the very first time. maybe it’s because of the tomb raider dis­play booth! man-oh-man, can you say “patri­cia ford and lisa boyle…saaaarap!” and other hot­ties around them, not to men­tion the very first lara croft game-model. i think she posed for play­boy later on after her con­tract w/ acclaim.

any­ways, where was i… oh yes, the matrix reloaded. well, i’ve heard a lot of mixed feel­ings about the movie. but i hate it when peo­ple say that it wasn’t all that. i just have to say, “remem­ber, it’s a series, and that it’s only part of a whole story.”

the matrix reloaded - trinity

my the­ory starts after real­iz­ing that the movie had almost the same chain of events as the first one. first one started w/ trin­ity, sec­ond one started w/ trin­ity. then neo wakes up on the first one, then neo wakes up on the sec­ond one—bottom line, par­al­lel scenes almost.

the matrix reloaded - architect scene

that just brings me to my sec­ond point, well the­sis… that zion, and the matrix are both not real—or are made-up. if you remem­ber the archi­tect scene (when neo was talk­ing to the old dude), where most peo­ple got lost, neo was given a choice to either “rebuild zion” (start all over w/ a cou­ple of men and women), or save his love, trin­ity. this scene was very con­fus­ing, but dis­ect­ing it even closer, you would notice that the archi­tect when into detail about “the oth­ers” before him (neo) that were given the same choice; and they all picked to “rebuild zion.”

i hope you get­ting my point or the­sis so far. if not, basi­cally what i’m say­ing is that, zion and the matrix are both not real. they are both an opti­cal illu­sion, or part of the same pro­gram. a sim­ple flow dia­gram would be this:

the real world? » zion & machine world » the matrix

the matrix reloaded - stop bullets

how did i get to this? well, let’s mark some facts what the archi­tect said, as well as the ora­cle and mor­pheus. first, the archi­tect and the ora­cle already knew what deci­sion neo was going to make—up until neo went to save trin­ity (which will be the turn­ing point of the whole saga). sec­ond, the archi­tect already said that there were five oth­ers (like neo) that made the same choice before him; which is to save and rebuild zion. last but not least, the impor­tant part near the end of the movie that might prove my the­sis is when he did the same thing at the end of the first movie—he felt some­thing has changed, put up his hand towards the machines (as he did towards the bul­lets), and stopped them like he stopped the bullets.

now, why would you care about my the­sis? i don’t know, but it sure is one inter­est­ing movie. i hope that this was one inter­est­ing read that took up some of your time at work, or your boredom.

from my mind to yours, just say no to drugs?!

Best Pick-up Line Ever

Gib: You know, I’ve never met any­one like you before. Usu­ally when I meet some­one new I feel awk­ward and shy. But with you it’s dif­fer­ent. I can talk to you. You know what I’m think­ing with­out my hav­ing to explain to you in fancy terms. We speak each other’s unspo­ken lan­guage… flu­ently. I love you.

Ahhh… late night watch­ing TV.