remember when movie tickets were cheap?

i just noticed that my friends and i have gone to at least one movie per week. the funny thing is… we used to freakin’ lash out on the movie ticket price. i guess it’s different when you have an actual job. it’s not that you have the money to afford it, but its more of an escape—a vacation from a mundane life. (you like that?!?! “mundane” … SAT baby yayer.)

as i was saying, i guess everybody, or anybody, working knows that once and awhile they would just like to not think about work. they want to dive into a place, a life, different from their own. they want to experience what it is like to go through a burning building and save some people; go “boom-boom with the bride’s maid”; etc etc etc… that is where the movies come to play.

it provides us this escape, where we can actually laugh, cry, and feel like the last action hero. anyways, enough of my intro paragraphs… this is beginning to sound like a book report or something. bottom-line, the past movies i’ve seen were great: charlie’s angels 2, american wedding, bad boys 2, and swat.

in other news today, a busy week again. lots of projects to be done soon. i’m doing some work for the first time since i started last month. it’s all good i guess, i learn new things while in the process. this is what i like about the job, i actually learn stuff from other people. it just increases my experience as a graphic artist/web designer, and a computer engineer—even though my job description describes it. in the end, i’m having fun and getting paid; good times.

so what else is up in the world? …well tony just left this past monday back to the PI. however, marley and julie are still at their home in irvine…enjoying the company of the grandparents. also, hendo had finally had the free time to kick it w/ the homies this past weekend. that foo has been MIA for the past 3 months… oh wait, …forever actually. that’s cool though, he’s busy doing his thang up in cal arts pasadena. he’s actually getting better (than before); better to the point that he can actually be a world-reknown designer—bank yo!

well, it’s a saturday afternoon and hot-like-a-mutha. back to doing projects and getting some extra flow of mula hopefully. take care y’alls, there’s another bug going around.

from my mind to yours, woooooooosaaaaaah …