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Sweet­ness! My first offi­cial, (per­sonal) busi­ness cards. The ones that weren’t actu­ally printed via Vista Print =)

Thanks to Eric of Print100.com for help­ing me get them here quick. I just put the order on Thurs­day, May 17—and they arrived today… only 5 days! Fast indeed.

Turned out pretty well for not hav­ing any proof­ing. Those Pan­tone books totally helped get­ting it close to the right color. I’ll prob­a­bly do another run some­time soon to exper­i­ment on this. Awesome…

Note: Only $33.83 for 300 w/ Spot UV applied on my name… I need a bet­ter desk lamp.

Here’s My Business Card

Busi­ness cards, they’re like your toes—you feel good you have them but you don’t really use them; at least for me and a few oth­ers. I got my first offi­cial busi­ness cards a week or so ago. I say that because they are, for reals. Even though I’ve been work­ing for years for dif­fer­ent, great companies—they’re gen­uinely my first. Any­ways, my first expres­sion was: “HOLD UP! Is this a joke?!?!” I guess when you got IT… you got IT haha j/p.

Days later, the two boxes of a thou­sand just sat there with no life or a sin­gle peep. Yah, I did hand out a cou­ple to some friends but that’s it. But hey, hav­ing ‘em is a blessing.

What I mean is that you can pretty much use em like McGuyver can use a Coke can as a bong. You can use a busi­ness card for the fol­low­ing (besides for business-use):

  • writ­ing direc­tions when you need to go somewhere*
  • writ­ing down numbers*
  • as a bookmark
  • to pick up pen­nies (as a lever)
  • to win meals from a restau­rant, or a prize from a store
  • to start a fire or a BBQ
  • to remind your­self that you have a job

As you notice, the first two with the aster­isks* pretty much applies to busi­ness cards that are blank on the other side; or those that you can write clearly on the back­side. Mean­while, while hav­ing busi­ness cards are cool it teaches yet a les­son or a moral that we keep hear­ing about:

… its the small things in life that makes it all worth it

… or was it, its the thought that counts and the small things aint shit? TANGENT. Back on point, its the small things like these that makes us feel deserv­ing (as well as thank­ful) to real­ize that we are lucky. I mean that in a more global way. For instance, if you are read­ing this—you are lucky.

Why? you may ask. Well, you’re lucky that you have access to the inter­net; you are lucky that you can read; you are lucky that you have time to do so; etc. Any­ways, its turn­ing into one of those “I can see clearly now” writ­ings (which I didn’t intend to write in the first place). I really was just writ­ing because I read that jovan­horne got some. Oh well, my mind has been going off lately. A good thing though (some­times), makes me con­ceive ideas and design new cre­ative works both for work and my own.

From my mind to yours, get your OWN BUSINESS CARDS FOR FREE! Here’s a pre­view of mine…

PS. I’ll try to write nor­mally now in terms of “proper writ­ing syn­tax.” I’ve been writ­ing like I’m chat­ting; that is, all small­caps and stuff. But yah, I’ll do my best… it’ll start with this entry. You know why, cause YOU (YOU) are spe­cial… YOU! (thats for joe­mama)