Feet First

This is where it all began. Brighton beach, England.

Feet First” travel pho­tog­ra­phy by Tom Robinson:

While sit­ting on Brighton beach (UK) back in 2005 with my new girl­friend Ver­ity I thought the view of our feet point­ing out to sea would make a nice photo. Ever since then we’ve con­tin­ued to doc­u­ment our trav­els in this way, result­ing in a col­lec­tion of over 100 pho­tos. In 2011 the series took a new twist with the arrival of a third set of feet – our daugh­ter Matilda. You can already see her lit­tle feet get­ting big­ger and bigger.

Check out more of Tom’s “feet first” project at his site.

Source: Abduzeedo


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