Kidrobot Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con

After recently launch­ing their online com­mu­nity, Kidrobot’s KRo­nikle posted that they will be releas­ing SDCC exclu­sives. There will be a release per day of the Con­ven­tion from Thurs­day, July 23rd to Sun­day, July 26th (actu­ally, noth­ing offi­cial yet for Sunday).

So, if you are set to go for the sold out Comic-Con later this month, be sure to get there early and head over to the Kidro­bot Booth, #4529. The SDDC exclu­sives are only avail­able at the booth. You can get them signed and meet the artist(s) in per­son dur­ing their respec­tive release dates.

Thursday, July 23rd


1000 For­tune Edi­tion Dun­nys (gold), and 200 Luck Edi­tion Dun­nys (black, SDDC exclu­sive) by MR. Shane Jes­sup. $75 each. 11am-1pm for signing.

Friday, July 24th


1200 green, and 200 pur­ple Holy Roller Fat­caps (SDCC exclu­sive) by DEPH. $75 each, plus a DEPH poster. 11am-1pm for signing.

Saturday, July 25th


300 Wood Lab­bits by Amanda Visell. $50 each. 1pm-3pm for sign­ing. Frank Kozik will also be avail­able dur­ing the ses­sion.1

Source via KRo­nikle.

  1. Pop art king Frank Kozik has designed con­cert posters and album cov­ers for musi­cians includ­ing The Sex Pis­tols and Nir­vana and has show­cased his work inter­na­tion­ally. Since 2000, his main artis­tic focus has been in the design and pro­duc­tion of vinyl art toys like his iconic Lab­bit and other things that smork. []

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