Dope Music Video by ApSci — “Under Control”

I first heard about ApSci1 through my brother Glen recently. Then dug in to take a look on their site for some tunes,

Lo and behold, they’ve been fea­tured on’s Under­wire sec­tion just recently. The arti­cle was about their music video for “Under Con­trol”.

The dope part is that it was pro­duced using an “iPhone, a portable printer and a webcam.”

They per­formed the track in front of the web­cam and printed it up into the hand­held snap­shots that fly by in the globe-hopping video, which hop­scotches from Brook­lyn to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Hawaii and Aus­tralia at the speed of sound. They took addi­tional shots using the iPhone, then mashed the pro­duc­tion night­mare into an eye-tripping visual for their body-rocking song.

In other words, ApSci’s video has no video in it. No post-production either.

Very, very schneaky and cre­ative I must say. Well done. Here’s the video.

YouTube Preview Image

  1. The group is made up of Bronx native Raphael LaM­otta and Filipino-Australian Dana Diaz-Tutaan. []

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