Johnny Cupcakes’ “There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix” Third Series

Though quite new in Los Ange­les, Johnny Cup­cakes (JC) have been well known and received way before open­ing their first ever store in Boston. Any­ways, to keep things short (since peo­ple are already in line), JC is hav­ing a third series release of its very lim­ited col­lec­tion, “There’s Some­thing in the Cup­cake Mix” The release “con­sists of 4 extremely lim­ited, exclu­sive t-shirts that are released once a year, dur­ing the Hal­loween sea­son. This year they will even be more scarce due to the split­ting between both loca­tions, Boston and LA.”

A few new details about series #3:

  • Designs have been turned up a notch + bring­ing some ghoul­ish, famil­iar faces to the kitchen table.
  • Bet­ter box design + construction.
  • More hid­den gems.
  • These will NOT be avail­able online, only in Boston + LA.
  • 4 designs. 1 col­or­way of each. 150 total of each. Split between both Boston + LA = 75 pieces per design. Split between sizes and gen­ders = only a hand­ful to a dozen of each size, per gen­der, per design.
  • Every t-shirt will have a silk screened num­ber on the back, to guar­an­tee authenticity.
  • Each box will be hand numbered.
  • Each box will be equipped with dif­fer­ent hid­den trivia per­tain­ing to the lim­ited mon­ster inside.
  • A vanilla frost­ing scented scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker will be on top of each box.
  • When open­ing up your sealed box, you will have to dust real sprin­kles off of your sealed t-shirt.
  • We are encour­ag­ing every cus­tomer to DRESS UP in your best costumes.
  • Real cup­cakes, bev­er­ages and some pizza pizza will be given out the night of.
  • A spe­cial lim­ited, dated shirt will be given out to the first 100 or so customers.
  • Pho­tos + video webisodes will be taken at both releases.
  • All of this and more for $75 per col­lectible product.
  • These will sell out. We encour­age you to arrive early (like now!)

For those who are new and would like to expe­ri­ence the com­mo­tion and jour­ney, here are the release time and locations:

  • Fri­day, Octo­ber 17th, 9pm Eastern
    @ 279 New­bury Street
    Boston, MA 02116
  • Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 18th, 9pm Pacific
    @ 7959 Mel­rose Ave.
    Los Ange­les, CA 90046

Stay warm, well fed and good luck!

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