Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Ultracompact USB Power Adapter

Apple recently posted a notice that it is recall­ing the ultra­com­pact USB power adapters that came with the iPhone 3G.

Users with ultra­com­pact power adapters should imme­di­ately stop using them until they exchange them for a new, redesigned ultra­com­pact adapter.

I didn’t know about this till Biggy men­tioned it last night. Sup­pos­edly, AT&T sent a text mes­sage out as early as Sep­tem­ber 19th. I didn’t receive any­thing from them regard­ing the recall and wasn’t alone as some peo­ple I know also didn’t get it. I freakin’ have been using it quite often when I need to charge overnight next to my bed. Geez… that’s damn dangerous.

Any­ways, if you recently pur­chased an iPhone 3G, you should be okay if you have a green dot on the bot­tom of the adapter (near the prongs), like below:

For those of us who have pur­chased a while back, we’ll need to stu­pen­dously wait for about 3-weeks to get them swapped for the fixed/updated ones. There will be 2-ways to get the exchange:

  1. Order a replace­ment adapter via the web. These replace­ment adapters will ship within three weeks of your order, start­ing on Fri­day, Octo­ber 10.
  2. Exchange your adapter at an Apple Retail Store start­ing on Octo­ber 10.

Though it sucks for those who use the adapter mainly to charge their iPhones, peo­ple just have to take care and know the risk. If you are still doing so because you either don’t have a USB port to use, or a car charger, you may use the USB power adapters that came with iPods, or get some from or like the ones from Ama­zon below:

Good luck and be careful.

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