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Kon­tain — Splash 20080919, orig­i­nally uploaded by stechico.

It seems that the Swedish firm, Fi1, has “re-designed, re-tooled, re-developed and even re-named” their 2-year old project Pro­pod, and have re-launched it today as Kon­tain2.

Kon­tain is a free web­site for you to blog and share your pho­tos, videos and audio with friends, fam­ily, even beau­ti­ful strangers.

Kon­tain is almost ready for an offi­cial beta launch in Octo­ber. Beta invites will be avail­able in a first come, first serve basis by sign­ing up at the site, http://kontain.com

Some fea­tures of Kon­tain are:

  • Search and explore mil­lions of media rich entries
  • Easy enough for Mom and Dad to use
  • Play­ful drag and drop organization
  • Easy upload­ing of pho­tos, videos and audio files
  • Designed by pas­sion­ate inter­ac­tive designers
  • Blog eas­ily with text and media
  • What You See Is What You Get inline editing

I can’t wait to test this out. But it’ll be hard to pull users like me who are still in awe after mov­ing from years of Mov­able Type to another CMS/blogging plat­form (like Word­Press). Then again, Tech­nol­ogy does crazy stuff to us human beings. It’s like freshly made lemon­ade on a hot sum­mer day, the thought of it just makes your mouth water. In the end, you just have to give it a try.

On a side note, I like the background-image treat­ment on their splash page. Also dig the flash movie right up top. Not to men­tion, the nicely picked pho­tos adding to the exment of the product. 

  1. Fi deliv­ers pre­mium inter­ac­tive ser­vices and media plat­forms. From offices in New York City and Stock­holm, Fi has worked with and con­tin­ues to attract world renowned clients. In 2007, Fi was the first inductee into The FWA Hall Of Fame. []
  2. Kon­tain is the cre­ation of Kon­tain LLC, a wholly-owned sub­sidiary of the award-winning inter­ac­tive firm, Fan­tasy Inter­ac­tive, Inc. (‘Fi’). []

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