CSS Reboot Spring 2006 Slowly But Surely

Despite the slow start and server issues that Adam had to deal with over at CSSReboot.com, the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot has finally com­menced! Things are finally look­ing on the up-and-up with about 1470 Reboot­ers push­ing the but­ton to show the world their pride and joy. There’s actu­ally 1471, but I won’t be par­tic­i­pat­ing this time due to other projects that took most of the time this past month. There’s always Fall, not to men­tion, being a spec­ta­tor is fun by itself. It’s pretty much infor­ma­tion over­load with all the lat­est and new tech­niques being show­cased. Not to men­tion, it great inspi­ra­tion for those of us need­ing it once and a while.

Any­ways, there a lot of sites to con­sume. Lots and lots of eye candy, and food for thought. Sorry, I’m a bit exd. If you want to know how this feels, it’s like being the first-in-line for the new Jor­dan’s.

Mean­while, here’s a cou­ple of sites I have vis­ited so far and liked in one way shape or form…

Low End Theory - Kristin Pishdadi If..Else Log - Phu Ly AvalonStar - Bryan Veloso 5ThirtyOne - Derek Punsalan Matt Brett PixelEden - Allan Reyes Justkyle - Kyle Jones snook.ca - Jonathan Snook

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