I was for­tu­nate enough to get invited by Aaron Levie to test’s “Early Adap­tor Pre­view” this past week­end. I couldn’t blurt any­thing till after the 22nd about it. But yah, I almost for­got as I’ve been busy enjoy­ing my Mon­day off from work.

Any­ways, so far so good. Here’s a cou­ple of my find­ings from the getgo:

  • Sooth­ing and attrac­tive color palette
  • UI upgraded to be 2.0-friendly
  • Right-click (after log­ging in) pops up a menu. A dis­ad­van­tage I guess, at least for me. Your browser’s right-click menu options won’t work. For exam­ple, Screen­grab FF exten­sion to take a cou­ple of screen­shots. Note: I men­tioned this to Aaron, he said that they might give an option to have it enabled/disabled later on.
  • Upload­ing. At first, I thought the Upload-tab was going to change the actual page (com­ing from the Browse-section). It actu­ally just pops up a layer onto the view­port with its con­tent. If you are com­ing from any­where else other than the Browse-section and clicked on Upload-tab, you are actu­ally redi­rected to the Browse-section first and need to click on Upload-tab again to do the actual upoad. Note: As Aaron pointed out through email, this is more of a “usabil­ity” thing and should be addressed later on.

    Sec­ond, I thought the “drag-and-drop” was actu­ally func­tional so I tested an image file and dragged it to the browser win­dow, only to be greeted by the pre­view of the image itself. That is, the browser chang­ing its URL to the local files. “Oops.” Didn’t know the “drag-and-drop” text was a link which pops up a win­dow (Java applet) for the actual drag-and-drop.

    Besides the above, I found that rel­a­tively easy and intu­itive to upload your files. Granted it ain’t there ain’t no Win­dows file-transfer ani­ma­tion, but its direct to the point—to get your files as fast and as safe as pos­si­ble from your hard-drive to their server(s).

I’ll post some screen­shots later today. It’s so purty believe me. As for now, you may get a glimpse through this shared-folder, or via’s blog entry about the relaunch.

Note: Here are some pod­cast inter­views with Aaron Levie: a) by Gear Live, and b) Ven­tu­rus.

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