SigEp’s Studio 69 Shirt Design

Well… since they are hand­ing out the shirts today, I guess there is no harm in show­ing them—the rough sketch.

I finally got around to updat­ing this post since mov­ing it from Mov­able­Type to Word­Press. Any­ways, it was using a popup-window. Fig­ure I just put this under one roof. Mean­while, I did have some notes on this piece as well:

  • Col­ors: earth-tones (mid-brown color shirt, with dull-bold gold/yellow for print)
  • Might use glittery-ink for the girls shirt’s gold/yellow ink
  • About the back-design: “siGep” is up-top mid­dle. “come Again” is mid-center of the back.

Here’s a lay­out shot in terms of design-positioning on the shirt:

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