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  • Marked, by Claire Felicie

    Marked, by Claire Felicie

    Here’s an interesting photography project by photographer Claire Felicie. Marked: black and white triptychs of Marines before, during and after their tour of duty to Afghanistan. Source via PetaPixel.

  • Interesting Quotes

    I was just browsing the net, and found this one… When man sacrifices the Love of Power for the Power of Love there will be Peace on Earth. Then… my epiphany for the month… Did you know… O is the vowel that separates I and U. ((Alphabetical order: A, E, I, O, U.)) With 3…

  • copyright free anti-war posters

    i was just browsing the web for ideas on design… then i found this link… lots of interesting ideas regarding anti-war/anti-bush… i have still yet to find a site like it but pro-war/pro-bush… anyways, check it out.