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  • Declare Yourself Public Service Announcements

    Declare Yourself teamed up with photographers Mark Liddell and David LaChapelle along with Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Jonathan Bennett, LaToya London and Andre 3000 to bring some PSAs to get people to vote this upcoming November’s Presidential Elections.

  • Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

    [vimeo]1808434[/vimeo] Sarah Silverman wants Jews to get their butts down to Florida for The Great Schlep. She’s hilarious. The video is pretty much pro-Obama, but worth the watch whether you are for him or McCain. The campaign was paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, www.jcer.info. Awesome right? =) The whole bit…

  • Star Wars Gone Postal

    Check it out! I’m pretty sure Jevon would be jumping for joy with this one. USPS and Star Wars galaxy is set to release a stamp on May 25th. You may vote on which design to be the one and only Star Wars stamp over here.