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  • DIY Helmet Cam for Snowboarding & Skiing

    I dedicate the following video to the homie Keno for sure! Haha… He’s been thinking of doing something like this and usually holds his Powershot with his right hand while going down the slopes. The only problem with his technique is that it somewhat hinders his balance. One the other hand, the only down side…

  • April’s Fools

    Jenn and Caren after a 15-hour trek from SF to Mammoth Lakes. In those 15 hours, we’ve gone through: 4 freeways; an avalanche; 3 gas stops; 3 bags of chips; a handful of burps and a hundred of laughs. So what is up with Jenn’s sandals in a foot of fresh snow? I guess that’s…

  • TheCrew Mammoth Trip 2006

    Album link.