#sky diving


Holy crap Bat­man! As I was comb­ing through my Flickr com­ments this past week­end, I stum­bled upon Chrispi­tal­i­ty’s (aka. Chris Clarke). I then saw a good amount of “bed jump­ing” pho­tos on his Flickr stream. I was so intrigued why he has so much, that I found out that he devel­oped BedJump.com.

What an awe­some and fun site. Some­thing that is worth vis­it­ing if you need a quick break from work, or just need to let loose. I just can’t believe how high some of these peo­ple were get­ting. I was so enter­tained that I had to sub­mit a cou­ple of bed jump shots in my stream.

Here’s how the extra bed jump­ing pho­tos from SD turned out.

Thanks to Chris for the extra time he put in to mak­ing one out­ra­geous pre­sen­ta­tion. Good times indeed!