Cannon Challenge — An Addictive iPhone Game App

This thing is addic­tive. Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel orig­i­nal­ly had this game devel­oped to help mar­ket and dri­ve traf­fic to its Future Weapons show.1 It was then port­ed over to the iPhone just a cou­ple of days ago.

I myself down­loaded it right before tak­ing the bus home from work. I usu­al­ly take a nap on the short-ride home but I just could­n’t put this down. I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this game as its free from the App Store. Here’s the direct link to the Can­non Chal­lenge’s App Store prod­uct page.2

The only down­side to the game was prob­a­bly its easy learn­ing curve (lit­er­al­ly). I fin­ished it in less than an hour…

I’ll see if I can post up some tip(s)/screenshots of my strat­e­gy and tech­nique lat­er =)

  1. You may see the web-based ver­sion here. []
  2. This will open up iTunes. []

Take Screenshots on Your iPhone

Some peo­ple have asked me how I took the screen­shot of the Ever­Note app (in this post) via iPhone. Oth­er than get­ting some help via Google search results, it’s pret­ty much as sim­ply doing the fol­low­ing:

  1. First, hold down the HOME-but­ton,
  2. Then press the ON/OFF-but­ton (aka. SLEEP/WAKE)

You will then see your screen flash quick­ly. After that, your new screen­shot should now avail­able at: Pho­tos > Cam­era Roll!

I hope that helps.

Skitch’in It


I final­ly got to check out what all the talk is about with Skitch.

Skitch.com + Skitch = fast and fun image shar­ing.

Skitch.com is a web­ser­vice that works hand in hand with our appli­ca­tion Skitch to give you 1‑click upload­ing of images for fast and fun image shar­ing.

Cur­rent­ly, I use Paparazzi to take screengrabs/screenshots of sites/design I feel inter­est­ing. Before get­ting my Mac­Book Pro, I used a Fire­fox plu­g­in called Screen­grab.

Mean­while, my first impres­sion of Skitch in adding it to my work­flow of doc­u­ment­ing sites/design snip­pets is pret­ty good. The auto upload fea­ture to Flickr alone is good. I just hope it pro­vides anoth­er fea­ture, well a cou­ple:

  • Tags, Title, and Descrip­tion dia­logue/in­put-box
  • and a way to just spec­i­fy a URL so Skitch can take a screen­shot of the actu­al page itself

With the lat­ter, what I am try­ing to say is that cur­rent­ly, I still use Paparazzi to grab the actu­al web­page, and then “copy (the) image” into Skitch’s can­vas to upload it to Flickr; at least I haven’t found out a way for Skitch can do it auto­mat­i­cal­ly as I’ve only spent 10-min­utes on it so far.

Any­ways, Skitch is pro­vid­ing to be bet­ter than I expect­ed; espe­cial­ly when I need to do snip­pets vs whole web­pages. I guess the only appli­ca­tion I can com­pare it is with ScrnShots.com’s tool, Scrn­Shot Desk­top. How­ev­er, I would give point to Skitch as it can just upload to your Flickr account and oth­ers, while you’re just stuck with hav­ing it Scrn­Shots (respec­tive­ly).

PS. I do give a point to ScrnShots.com’s tool as it work with Win­dows as well.