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  • Went Hunting for Halloween

    Went Hunting for Halloween, originally uploaded by stechico. A quick getup put together by rolling to the neighborhood Goodwill store. Safari/explorer/hunter-looking type of hat… $2. Khaki safari/explorer/hunter-looking type of jacket… $8. Halloween on a Friday night… Priceless. I didn’t have enough time to find a wig, or fill in the sideburns. Would’ve added more to…

  • Top 2007 WWDC Stories

    If you aren’t subscribed to any Apple/Mac-related newsletters, here’s a couple of asterisks to add to Apple’s history and/or timeline (during this WWDC 2007 next door, from Macworld newsletter): Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote Revised Desktop, Finder highlight Leopard additions Apple brings Safari to Windows