Post-Graduates and Marathons

Things that make you go hmmm… Why is this so true with those who are done with their school work. It’s like:

Hi Mom! Here’s my diplo­ma. Now, it’s time to run 26 miles. See you in a bit.

But yeah, just a thought that came to me like Jer­ry’s epiphany. Is it this unspo­ken truth that every­one in their 20s do all of a sud­den? It’s like the unsolved mys­tery of why every kid in the world with a NES know­ing the trick to blow into their car­tridge to make it “work”.

From my mind to yours, Hip Hop is Dead

Disneyland Half Marathon

Disneyland Half Marathon, September 17, 2006

It seems that marathons are the craze for post-grad­u­ates. Being that it’ll be the first time in Dis­ney­land, and hap­pens to hit mine and Hans’ DOB, fig­ured might as well spend the “new year” there. I’ve sent out a cou­ple of evites. For those that got it, spread the word. For those that did­n’t, sor­ry… I don’t have your con­tact info. But you may click below for more info/registration:

Dis­ney­land Half Marathon (Inau­gur­al 2006)

Make sure to signup soon, as space is lim­it­ed. I heard that it already reached over 50% capac­i­ty. So come on and join in on the fun. Let me know if you do, that’ll be off the hiz­zo. Besides, who would­n’t want to grab one of these: