SUMO Paint — A Flash-based Photoshop Clone

SUMO Paint

Dope­ness. SUMO Paint is a free image edit­ing soft­ware that gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate, edit and com­ment images online with pow­er­ful tools and lay­er sup­port. I tried it for a quick bit, and I bare­ly noticed any lag using it; then again, I did­n’t have so much lay­ers yet.

Being that its a Flash-based application/tool, that’s a whole lot of user-sup­port and mar­ket share. That’s remark­able as Design­ers and non-Design­ers a like can use it whether they’re away from their work­sta­tions or just don’t have Pho­to­shop or appli­ca­tions like it at their dis­pos­al. Some of the fea­tured I’m dig­ging are: Shape Trails, Sym­me­try Tool, and it’s sup­port for Cooliris3D Gallery (for­mer­ly Pix­el­Lens).

Any­ways, go check it out and let your mind free. You may access the appli­ca­tion direct­ly via sumopaint.com/app/

10 Best Resources for CSS

Looks like CSS has been slash­dot­ted. I guess this is not a sur­prise, for me at least, since CSS is like milk for a choco­late, web­page-cake… Yah, you laugh now… “Geek”, you say…

…I know man, WTF?!

But hey, its a hob­by; its part of new media design; its my pro­fes­sion and pas­sion … its my Life—Welcome! Any­ways, just to sum­ma­rize what this arti­cle links to, here they are… the 10 Best Resources (as of July 20, 2005):

As they say, prac­tice makes per­fect. Good luck on your quest to geek­i­ness.