Four for Fighting

This week has gone by fast. The usu­al twelve hours I spend for work makes it go by quick. To top it off, the extra three hours I put on top of Thurs­day nights makes that par­tic­u­lar day very long for me. All in all, I’m great­ful to be doing some­thing than noth­ing.

After just get­ting back this past week­end’s LV trip for Tony, I was so look­ing for­ward to see­ing how the pic­tures turned out. I was sur­prised how some of em turned out, espe­cial­ly the ones tak­en besides the win­dow. It was so hard to take those pics because the reflec­tion that the glass does.

Speak­ing of reflec­tion, it goes to show that things we think we know aren’t always true. Every­day I wake up try­ing to do things right, as well as do the right things, there seems to be some forces out there that can’t be con­trolled that caus­es par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tions to have some vices in them. That is, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Its like stuff that you wish you just weren’t told about, or just don’t like to see amongst those close to you, that you don’t want to keep com­ing up ever so often. Yah, I know, kind of con­fus­ing because of such a men­tal­i­ty that I have to see each and every­one in good light. Not talk­ing smack or bad about some­one or things, I just hate it when peo­ple do it. If you know what I mean, please-please let me know. If you don’t, let me know as well.

Besides these inter­nal reflec­tions, there are also good things that were vis­i­ble exter­nal­ly. Late­ly, I’ve been inquir­ing friends and fam­i­ly about some names I’d like to use for my, this, blog’s domain name. As you can tell, or if you have been fol­low­ing this blog’s jour­ney, it has gone from some­thing that I start­ed because of leisure in col­lege to some­thing that gives you a clos­er look at things I reflect upon that changes/affects me in some way. A man­u­al to under­stand­ing a piece of me. Some­thing that I just haven’t shared with some­one close in a while—but some­thing that I don’t mind spilling to the world (wide web). Yah, pret­ty weird… I know.

Some­times, its these kind of things that just intrigues me to write as if I were speak­ing to “anony­mous”. Some­one that has­n’t got­ten to know me—or maybe I’m just writ­ing to me. Or maybe its a reflec­tion to emote what I’ve been feel­ing for some­thing that I haven’t just got­ten to say, at at par­tic­u­lar moment. Or, maybe its just the lack of sleep that caus­es me to think to deeply in the mean­ing of life—or par­tic­u­lar­ly, my life. Who knows? (A‑Dee-Doo…)

So yah, oth­er than that, things are gravy with life late­ly. See­ing old friends and meet­ing new ones is the cur­rent trend. Some­thing I hope that keeps it self up as it is good (like chick­en soup) for the soul.

Mean­while, in oth­er sport­ing news, Lance (my house­mate) and I went to this Alame­da pick-up soft­ball thing on Sat­ur­day noons. We were about thir­ty min­utes late, and got­ten there when they were already at the bot­tom of the sec­ond inning. There were about a fluc­tu­a­tion of 30–40 peo­ple through­out the after­noon. We got to pick-up the sec­ond game after a cou­ple of BP (bat­ting-prac­tice) at the oppo­site field.

I was so stoked to play a game of soft­ball as its been a while. I think the last time was with Blue­balls in the sum­mer of ’03, the last time TJM (Tony, Julie and Mar­ley) were here (or at Irvine). So yah, I did pret­ty well the whole game. Bat­ted 4 for 4, 3 sin­gles (1 oppo­site field), 1 triple and 2 RBIs.

It was a great game played as it was neck to neck up in the bot­tom of the 7th, 22–21. It was were I hit that triple to right-cen­ter. As I got to third base, wait­ing to get the run to tie the game, I felt good all-in-all and not so wor­ried about the tremen­dous heat that was so weird to be felt in Alame­da; it was pro­l­ly 87, 90 at one time, for the three hours we were there.

Mean­while, as my team­mate went up to bat, he fly-ed out deep to right enough for me to get a chance to tag up and get the tieing run in. So POP goes the ball, the catch made and me chug­ging it for the home. In a moment, I felt so good to tieing the throw—it was real­ly close. But as you know ties goes to the run­ner, so I felt like the hero for the day.

Lit­tle did I know, it was “soft­ball”… I stepped on the wrong, damn home-plate! I was sup­pose to step on the “safe” home-plate, the one that was usu­al­ly orange to cause no harm to the catch­er (and can also be seen at first, to pro­tect the first base­man). So damn it, I let the team down—I hate that feel­ing cause I always like to give for the com­mon good. Oh well, my high­light of the week­end. That and freakin’ get­ting a $40 park­ing tick­et (street clean­ing 2AM-4AM at 2nd and Mis­sion) after going out last night in the city—damn it. WOES IS ME.

From my mind to yours, wear a hel­met. Because you’ll nev­er know what Life will throw at you. Just got­ta be ready for the bumps, the highs and the lows.