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  • Fix Full Screen Issues by Video Embedder WordPress Plugin

    If you are having problems trying to display an embedded video(s) in your posts like me, then this might help you out. I usually embed videos from Hulu, Vimeo and YouTube mostly. But it’s been a problem trying to have the latter 2 display in fullscreen mode. For Vimeo, the fullscreen icon/grpahic displays on the…

  • Cleaner Gallery Markup in WordPress

    As of WordPress 2.7, the shortcode still spits out invalid XHTML markup, as well as add style rules in the middle of the page which causes error during markup validation.

  • WordPresss Plugins Search

    Searching for WordPress Plugins seems to not be very helpful. The results that comes up on the page ain’t helping out. Although, there’s a “you may also try your search at Google” link below the results page—it should be easier to find the right ones. Hmmm… will see if I have time to create maybe…

  • PicLens – Crazy Image/Video Visualization Plugin

    piclens.com Be sure to check this visualization plugin (for most “modern” browsers). It gives a nice way to navigate through photos (i.e. flickr, google image results, etc.) and videos (i.e. youtube). Not too shabby indeed. Thanks goes out to Mik for the link.