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  • Sweet PICT*RE

    Right on, right on! I haven’t checked the web “lately” but I got a dope comment from Henning (aka. atomtigerzoo) in Flickr just yesterday. Seems like the photo above (Departing San Francisco) was selected and published on the release of Pict*re Magazine – Volume Two! I’m totally stoked =p

  • That Awesome Blink Album Cover

    You guys and gals ever wonder who created that cool Blink 182 album cover for Enema of the State? The creator apparently is a Flickr user, who goes by obie27. Check out his Music set to see other great pics of rock bands/artist(s).

  • A Reminisce, Reminisce…

    looking back and trying to fix up my old archived entries in this blog, i went down memory lane. it was great to read and think about the days of the past. its just weird that i never knew how much this blog has evolved into a journal of someone who started it off to…