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  • Nice Kicks on 2009-05-22

    Stubb’s Supra Skytop ((Source via Nice Kicks.)) Released by Supra this past SXSW (March 2009) for Stubb’s BBQ in Austin. Shofolk Armstrong & Magic Shoes ((Source via oki-ni.)) Possible alternates to Clark’s Wallabees(?). Clae Rollins ((Source via Clae.)) Clean for casual and night-time wear. Iki Coba ((Source via Ikitabi.)) Ninjas!

  • Secret Mark Throwing Star Magnets

    Secret Mark Throwing Star Magnets

    Horry crap! These are dope. Check out these throwing star magnets made by Core77. They’re only $19 but Epaulet currently have them back ordered till January 15th, 2009—that sucks. These would’ve been dope gifts. I know a couple of people who would’ve loved these for sure *cough*Lou*cough*.

  • The Best Wee Ninja Ever

    Awesome! Let me present to you the one and only, best Wee Ninja ((Wee Ninjas are based of the game that was recently released in this past October, Ninja Town.)) =) PS. If you prefer to buy Ninja Town on Amazon, go here.

  • Bang Bang Promotes Their Ninja T-Shirt Via a Short Film

    Bang Bang T-shirts made this cool video to promote their Ninja T-shirt. Pretty fun and creative. It was just a simple mix of music/sound, some transition effects, and Type. Here’s the description and/or build-up they used: Our ninja t-shirt!! The greatest movie parody t-shirt on the internet! You may have seen t-shirts that are based…

  • Are You a Ninja?

    Thanks to Juan. He’s got nothing better to do during his summer break other than IM people, and shoot chicks in bikinis.