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  • Q-Tip Live at The Knitting Factory 2008-09-29

    Definitely class and still trail-blazin’, here’s Q-Tip performing at The Knitting Factory NY last night to preview his new, upcoming album Renaissance. Other than the show being FREE with a SMS RSVP, Busta Rhymes surprises everyone and smashes the show. [youtube]tJ4ez8UsuKg[/youtube] Update: Speaking of Renaissance, there seems to be a leak of an old collabo…

  • In Remembrance

    manhattan memorial lights, originally uploaded by absolutwade. It’s about 7 years ago since my brother Glen woke me up in the morning and tuned into the news just before the second plane hit. It was a weird feeling that can never be forgotten.

  • Congrats Karen and Joesan!

    Have a great vacation and safe trip back from NYC!

  • That’s Not Right at All

    [youtube]ceNf-11-ddI[/youtube] I think I showed this to 15+ w/in 5 minutes. A couple of things we can learn from here: Keep an eye on your kids in the Circle and YouTube is so damn viral.

  • R.I.P. Cory Lidle

    This was just shocking to see. I was out at lunch visiting Wells Fargo when CNN came on regarding it. At first, I thought it was just a normal plane crash; after, of course, CNN stating that it wasn’t a terrorist attack of any kind. Then, they updated with the headline that the plane was…