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  • Inspiration – Karmin, Crash Your Party on the Radio

    In the spirit of awesome reactions, how would you react hearing your song on the radio for the first time? Here’s how Karmin experienced their moment. [youtube]aebWvUMOB4E[/youtube] Also, diggin’ that track. Can’t wait to hear more from this duo. And for everyone else on the grind, keep on—chase dreams!

  • Inspiration – Bryan Gaynor

    Aka. Chibi / Chibotics Don’t know if you watch So You Think You Can Dance (SYTCD) or not, but it doesn’t matter. Here’s an inspiration for you to ingrain: Chibi’s SYTCD 2010 Audition(Season 7, Episode 3) [youtube]zGkLTi7pxPg[/youtube] PS. Here’s his first audition in SYTCD 2007 (Season 3). Update It seems that Dick Clark Productions have…

  • Inspiration – Nikki Jean, The Cool

    Want inspiration? Check this personal video from Nikki Jean hearing her dreams come true. Now that’s Real. [youtube]GVI9oPzmWH4[/youtube] Update Here’s how Nikki Jean met Lupe (as posted on her Youtube vlog 2008-10-17).