Black Rock “Jump”

Flickr Video

There are times when one must step up to the plate. This can be one of those times… I think(?) haha =)

First of all excuse the noob video edit­ing skillz—this is the first time I played around iMovie ’09 (iMovie in gen­er­al). The clear water below do tricks to the mind, at least it did to me as you can tell.

As you’ll see (and maybe hear) on the First “Jump”, I total­ly was­n’t expect­ing to be off course lol. As for the Sec­ond “Jump”—I just want­ed to go down quick and get it over with… though I did it “nor­mal­ly” and not too loud this time =)

Good times! Thanks to Keno and Lou for jump­ing off with me. And to those at the Beach film­ing and watch­ing, I hope you guys had a good laugh haha. Till next time, I need to prac­tice =p


@ Black Rock. Ka’ana­pali, Maui, HI.