Departing San Francisco

Right on, right on! I haven’t checked the web “late­ly” but I got a dope com­ment from Hen­ning (aka. atom­tiger­zoo) in Flickr just yes­ter­day. Seems like the pho­to above (Depart­ing San Fran­cis­co) was select­ed and pub­lished on the release of Pict*re Mag­a­zine — Vol­ume Two!

I’m total­ly stoked =p

land of the free

there is a god! today, max­im mag announces “hot­tie heav­en”

In the spir­it of inde­pen­dence, we’re free­ing all 2,000 Hot­ties from our Home­town Hot­ties archive. Now sub­scriber and non­sub­scriber alike can come togeth­er as the found­ing fathers intend­ed and ogle Mon­i­ca from accounts payable. Take that, Eng­land!” ~Max­im Online