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  • Inspiration – Nikki Jean, The Cool

    Want inspiration? Check this personal video from Nikki Jean hearing her dreams come true. Now that’s Real. [youtube]GVI9oPzmWH4[/youtube] Update Here’s how Nikki Jean met Lupe (as posted on her Youtube vlog 2008-10-17).

  • The Signalnoise Graveyard (ZIP)

    The Signalnoise Graveyard (ZIP) by James White. I stumbled upon Signalnoise / Jason White’s art via my feeds today. Such an inspiration, not to mention good read. He’s been running his Design blog for about 9+ years now. He released a ZIP file of his website designs “spanning the past 9 years.” Have a download…

  • Inspiration

    Lol, it’s funny what freakin’ people send these days. Here’s a chain-mail I got. I just figured I’ll post it since I don’t have nothing else to blog today… If I could catch a rainbow I would do it Just for you And share with you Its beauty On the days You’re feeling blue If…