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  • Triumvir “Rome Never Fell” Release Party

    Triumvir is having a Release Party. I’m guessing from the flyer that the collection is entitled, “Rome Never Fell”. They will be hosting the party at LAX Hollywood this upcoming Saturday, October 18th. Guestlist available via party@partytilam.com Fashionable attire is a must LAX 1714 N. Las Palmas Hollywood, CA

  • Hollywood Says Don’t Vote

    With the countdown to probably one of the biggest choices Americans are going face in the years to come, the Presidential Elections will be here in no time. In an effort to get the word out for people to vote for their future, Declare Yourself ((Declare Yourself is the national nonpartisan, nonprofit voter initiative aimed…

  • Declare Yourself Public Service Announcements

    Declare Yourself teamed up with photographers Mark Liddell and David LaChapelle along with Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Jonathan Bennett, LaToya London and Andre 3000 to bring some PSAs to get people to vote this upcoming November’s Presidential Elections.

  • Two Patrons in a Minute

    OMG! Never again. Last time I take two shots in less than a minute. I couldn’t feel my legs… “I can’t feel my legs!!!” Thanks to those that chilled at Forbidden City. The place was cool. Also thanks goes out to Sanamluang for being such a good Thai restaurant. It hit the spot. Oh yah,…